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Sedation Dentistry – Jupiter, FL

Your Comfort: Guaranteed

Going to the dentist makes people of all ages feel quite nervous, which is why our team works hard to create a warm and friendly atmosphere that can calm even the most frayed nerves. For those patients with more persistent dental phobia, however, we can use sedation dentistry to help them quickly relax during their appointments. Dental sedation can stop those racing thoughts and prevent someone from feeling physical discomfort as well, making their appointment quickly fly by and be over before they know it. If you think sedation would be helpful at you or your child’s next appointment, give us a call today to learn more about your options.

Why Choose Our Dental Office for Sedation Dentistry?

  • Warm, friendly, & nonjudgmental team
  • Different sedation methods can be tailored to each patient
  • Can be used for any procedure with patients of all ages

Nitrous Oxide Dental Sedation

Patient with nitrous oxide nasal mask

Nitrous oxide has been used by dentists around the world for over 100 years, and the reason for this is simple: it works. All a patient has to do is breathe in the colorless, odorless gas through a small nasal mask to quickly feel warm, calm, and happy. It’s perfect for helping people who are anxious about receiving routine care, and it’s so gentle that we can even use it safely with small children. Better yet, once the mask is removed, a patient will feel completely normal within a few minutes, meaning they can go straight back to their day.

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Oral Conscious Sedation Dentistry

Person taking a sedative pill

Perhaps you suffer from moderate dental anxiety. That’s normal enough – plenty of people intensely fear the dentist. However, you shouldn’t let your nerves prevent crucial oral care; you’ll only harm your smile that way. That being said, you may want to try oral conscious sedation at your next dental appointment. This service calms you down quickly and effectively for treatment. If you want to learn more, just keep reading or contact our dental team.

What is Oral Conscious Sedation?

A dentist performing treatment on a sedated patient

Oral conscious sedation is a treatment for moderate-to-intense dental anxiety. Since it has more intense effects than nitrous oxide, the option is usually prescribed for adults with severe nervousness, fear, or similar discomforts.

Instead of using needles or face masks, oral conscious sedation uses a simple pill. You’ll take this medicine just before your appointment or when you arrive. (Depending on the dentist, the pill is usually Valium, Ativan, or Halcion.) Once you’ve done so, you’ll start feeling anxiety-relieving effects within fifteen minutes.

How Does Oral Conscious Sedation Work?

A blurred woman holding a pill between her fingers

In most cases, the oral conscious sedation process isn’t complex. It doesn’t take much time and involves little-to-no setup. As such, it’s a form of sedation dentistry that’s easy to implement.

Again, the crux of oral sedation means taking a pill before treatment. When the medicine’s effects “kick in,” you’ll feel a deep level of calm and relaxation. (It may reach the point that you don’t remember the appointment afterward.) Our dentists will perform their work as these effects persist. At the same time, they’ll monitor your condition to ensure your continued safety.

To be clear, at no point should oral conscious sedation put you to sleep. It’ll leave you alert enough to respond to the dentist’s instructions. Even so, the sedation will make you woozy after the procedure. You’ll need to have someone drive you home from the appointment. If you don’t, you’ll raise your risk of a severe car accident.

Are You a Good Candidate for Oral Conscious Sedation?

A dentist talking with her patient about oral conscious sedation

So long as they’re physically healthy, most adults can qualify for oral conscious sedation. It doesn’t have stringent requirements beyond that point. In other words, the sedative won’t trouble you if you’re in decent shape.

All that said, oral conscious sedation is especially ideal for patients who:

  • Suffer from dental fear, anxiety, or nervousness
  • Often cancel or reschedule dental visits due to unease
  • Struggle with an overly-sensitive gag reflex
  • Need several dental procedures or one longer treatment for a single visit
  • Have difficulties keeping their mouth open during treatment
  • React poorly to local anesthesia
  • Faced poor dental experiences in the past

Of course, the best way to confirm your candidacy is through a consultation. Drs. Shane and Amiee Vaughn can settle whether oral conscious sedation suits your needs.

Sedation Dentistry FAQs

Woman sitting back in chair smiling before sedation dentistry in Jupiter, FL

Is sedation dentistry the answer you’ve been looking for? Our team at Jupiter Implant and Cosmetic Dentistry is prepared to answer any questions you might have about treatments involving sedation so that you can be confident that it’s the right choice for you. To help you get started, below we’ve listed answers to some of the most common sedation questions that we’ve received. Let us know if you need to ask about something that isn’t addressed on this page.

Is Sedation Dentistry Safe?

Sedation dentistry is perfectly safe for the vast majority of patients. This is especially true with nitrous oxide, which most people can handle without any problem; any side effects that do occur tend to be mild and wear off relatively quickly.

That said, before any treatment involving sedation dentistry, we’ll need to review your medical history and any current medications you’re taking. This is to confirm that the sedative won’t cause any negative interactions in your body once it has been administered. Also, we’ll keep a close eye on your blood pressure, oxygen levels, heart rate, and other vital signs at all times to make sure you stay safe.

How Much Does Sedation Dentistry Cost?

The cost for nitrous oxide and oral conscious sedation is typically a few hundred dollars, which is relatively low compared to other types of sedation that carry more risks and require additional training. That said, sedation dentistry doesn’t necessarily have a set cost for every patient.

With nitrous oxide, the amount you pay largely depends on how long you’re under the effects of the sedative; the lengthier your procedure ends up being, the higher the final price. On the other hand, oral conscious sedation tends to have a more predictable cost since the dosage cannot be changed during the procedure. Keep in mind that you can apply for CareCredit financing to break up the cost of sedation into smaller monthly installments if you have trouble paying it all at once.

How Long Does Dental Sedation Last?

It depends on which type you get. Nitrous oxide wears off in just a few minutes after you stop inhaling the gas, so it won’t stop you from driving home or returning to work. On the other hand, the effects of the pill used for oral conscious sedation usually last for the rest of the day. As such, when you get oral conscious sedation, you should avoid driving or operating heavy machinery for at least 24 hours after your procedure.

Does Dental Sedation Put You to Sleep?

One misconception about sedation dentistry is that it causes patients to sleep through their treatments. This is not the case; you’ll still be awake and capable of following directions. Many patients don’t remember what happened while they were sedated, which can make them feel like they fell asleep even if they didn’t. Oral conscious sedation might make you groggy enough to doze off on your own, but it will be easy enough for our dental team to wake you up again.