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Summer Foods for You to Enjoy with Dental Implants

June 22, 2021

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Couple smiling with dental implants

Missing teeth no longer means that you need to go the rest of your life with gaps in your smile. Dental implants are an excellent solution. They have all sorts of different benefits that you will experience once they completely heal, including the fact that you won’t need to struggle with a limited menu because of numerous eating restrictions. Continue reading to learn which summer foods you can enjoy after your dental implant placement surgery.


An Inside Look at the Evolution of BOTOX

May 27, 2021

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Closeup of woman smiling after BOTOX treatment

When it comes to smoothing wrinkles, BOTOX is one of the most popular services on the market. However, this powerful injectable wasn’t always the fine line-erasing solution it’s known as today. In fact, the evolution of BOTOX from medical necessity to cosmetic treatment is both fascinating and serendipitous. Keep reading to learn more about the history of BOTOX!


Keep Your Heart Healthy by Caring for Your Teeth

February 13, 2021

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Woman with heart disease

There is more reason to think about your heart this February than just Valentine’s Day. This month is American Heart Health Month. It is important to take time to learn and understand more about your body so that you know how to take care of it. After all, your whole life depends on the wellbeing of your heart. Did you know that the health of your smile can affect your cardiovascular system? Continue reading to learn the relation between the two as well as some steps that you can take to keep both of them in excellent shape.


Cosmetic Dentistry and the Importance of Good Oral Health

January 11, 2021

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cosmetic dentist examining patient’s teeth

Thanks to all of the advancements that have been made to cosmetic dentistry, millions of people have been able to enjoy the restored confidence that comes with a transformed smile. Everyone’s cosmetic needs are different, and yours are unique to you. The good news is, there is a treatment out there that will work for you, but having good oral health is an extremely important first step. If you’re ready to have the smile of your dreams, keep reading to learn what your Jupiter cosmetic dentist has to say about why oral health is crucial to the success of your treatment.


Book Your Dental Checkup Early in the Year

December 17, 2020

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person scheduling dental checkup

If you’re like most people, your schedule probably fills up quickly at the start of the new year. You may even begin putting plans in the books toward the end of the current year. While you’re doing this, consider adding a visit to your dentist to the top of the list. Your Jupiter dentist shares how scheduling a dental checkup as early in the year as possible can save you time and money.


5 Thanksgiving Foods That Stain Your Teeth

November 23, 2020

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Cranberry sauce

Are you looking forward to Thanksgiving dinner? It’s just around the corner, and everyone is anticipating all of the delicious dishes that they will be filling their bellies with over the long weekend. However, not all Thanksgiving foods are great options when it comes to maintaining the beautiful white appearance of your smile. Continue reading to learn which foods and beverages you should be weary of this Thanksgiving if you want to prevent discoloration.


4 Benefits of Choosing a Family Dentist

October 15, 2020

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Family smiling at child's dentist appointment

Are you currently driving all over town to accommodate the dental needs of each member of your household? Is coordinating their appointments every six months giving you a headache? If you answered “yes” to either of these questions, then it’s time to switch to a family dentist! Here are four reasons to consider making the transition today.


Can You Get Braces Over the Age of 40?

September 29, 2020

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Woman with Invisalign

Do you feel like it’s too late to consider getting braces? This couldn’t be further from the truth. As time goes on, more and more adults are choosing to get braces. Just because you didn’t get them when you were a teenager doesn’t mean that you’ve missed your opportunity. You’re never too old to start working towards your dream smile. After all, you show it off every day. Shouldn’t it be something you’re proud of? Continue reading to learn about the many ways that adult braces could benefit you.


Why Is Enamel Wear A Big Deal?

September 17, 2020

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Patient looking concerned at dental appointment

The enamel that coats your teeth is the strongest substance in the human body, but it’s not unbreakable. Sugary drinks and acidic foods are just a few of the reasons your enamel can erode over time. However, when your dentist brings it to your attention, you may find yourself wondering why enamel wear is such a big deal. If you have asked yourself something similar, then read on!


What Can I Do About My Chipped Tooth?

July 14, 2020

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Woman getting veneers from cosmetic dentist in Jupiter

Your front teeth are what people see first when you smile, laugh, and talk. If one becomes chipped, it’s understandable that you’d want to have it repaired by your cosmetic dentist in Jupiter right away. Continue reading to learn about what to do if your chip one of your teeth and the different ways that you can have it fixed. It will be good as new in no time!

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