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Root Canal Therapy – Jupiter, FL

Pain Relief You Shouldn’t Fear

If you only listened to the media, you’d think that getting a root canal is akin to some kind of medieval torture, but in reality, it’s one of the best tools we have for stopping the most severe toothaches. Every tooth actually has a small nerve located in the interior tooth layer called the dental pulp, and if this tissue becomes infected or damaged for any reason, it can lead to quite a bit of dental pain. Instead of simply extracting the tooth, we can save it while giving a patient the fast relief they need using root canal therapy. And, thanks to our team’s expertise, we can promise that the procedure will be a completely painless experience.

Why Choose Our Dental Office for Root Canal Therapy?

  • Same-day appointments available for patients in pain (including weekends)
  • Multiple sedation methods available
  • Patient comfort is priority #1

What to Expect During a Root Canal

Model of the inside of the tooth

If a patient comes to see us with a hurting tooth and we recommend a root canal, the procedure will involve the following steps:

  • The tooth and surrounding area will be numbed using local anesthetic.
  • Once a patient can’t feel a thing, a small hole is placed into the enamel.
  • This will allow your dentist to remove the damaged pulp, clean the tooth, and fill it to restore its internal support.
  • At a follow-up appointment, the tooth will be rebuilt even more with a dental crown.

While some patients may experience a little sensitivity afterward, the tooth will feel MUCH better compared to before the treatment.